Dark, Edgy and Unexpected!

That's the best description I have of award winning songwriter and recording artists Skeleton Creeks third 12 song album "Masquerade". Skeleton Creeks unique vocal style and interesting placements of electric guitars over acoustics, strings and piano's puts a mysterious and gothic feel throughout this entire album. 'Homicide" a song about violence and bloodshed (yet done in a non-vulgar way) is the darkest song on this album, I can picture it being the opening track of a new detective series on cable TV. "Masquerade" is full of good songs, several great songs and two I found to be  exceptional. Gothic Bliss is what I thought about "End OF Time" if you are a Type O Negative or Danzig fan you will love this song. Dark and melodic it was one of my favorites. The last song on this album "So Alive" I thought was the best, with it's great beat and great lyrics I wanted to turn it up as loud as it would go (and I did!) All in All this is a pretty solid album that I will listen to again and again.


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By Ally's Attic
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