The Deal. released Nov 15th 2015. my debut album was well received and has gotten great reviews by several social media outlets, and is being played on numerous internet radio stations.

Small Town USA  was released on Nov.15th 2016. This highly anticipated album is the follow up to "The Deal" it has a homegrown lighter feel to it, the title pretty much sums it up.

Sing A Song For Me is a single I released in Aug 2017.

Masquerade. Released on Oct. 15  2017. This album has some of my more darker gothic sounding music with a much more alternative rock feel to it.

Penny For Your Thoughts. My fifth and final album will be released on iTunes on Nov. 14 2018. But you can download the whole album free on the front page of this website.

Pretty Girls. Released on April. 17  2018. probably my most main stream album yet. 12 new alternative rock songs including my version of "Jewel's" Foolish Games.

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